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Chrisean Rock is a rising star who has quickly made a name for herself through viral reality TV moments and heated rap beefs. But there’s much more to this talented young musician and personality – read on to learn all about Chrisean Rock’s age, birthday, music, family, career highlights and more.

Who is Chrisean Rock?

Chrisean Rock first entered the spotlight in 2022 when she appeared on season 2 of Zeus Network’s Baddies West. She immediately stood out for her energetic, chaotic personality and became embroiled in various conflicts.

She continued to grow her fame through appearances on shows like Marriage Boot Camp, where she and then-boyfriend Blueface gave a glimpse into their volatile relationship. Their tumultuous romance has played out publicly through social media fights.

Outside of reality TV, Chrisean is pursuing a rap career and has released songs like “Easy” and “Rock Bottom” showcasing her vocal talents. With her straight-talking attitude and determination to speak her mind, Chrisean has proven she is far more than just a reality star.

Chrisean Rock Age

  • Date of Birth: October 30, 2000
  • Current Age: 22 years old
  • Upcoming Birthday: 23rd on October 30, 2023

Despite her young age, Chrisean carries herself with a maturity and confidence beyond her years. She has accomplished a great deal already at just 22 years old and has many more years ahead to achieve her dreams.

Chrisean’s birth chart reveals someone with natural charisma and star power. Her Scorpio sun sign helps explain her intense, passionate personality.

The rapper-reality star also celebrates her birthday on October 30th. She will turn 23 years old later this year in October of 2023. No doubt she will celebrate in style with both an over-the-top party and likely some new music or television project to mark the occasion.

Chrisean Rock Height and Weight

  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches
  • Weight: Approximately 120 pounds
  • Build: Petite, curvy figure

Chrisean’s small stature contrasts with her larger-than-life persona. She holds her own against much taller co-stars and often makes jokes about her height or being underestimated for her diminutive size.

But just because she’s petite doesn’t mean Chrisean Rock is weak – she makes it known that she can still hold her own in any situation. Her confident strut and commanding presence allows her to dominate any room or set she walks on to.

Chrisean also embraces her curves, flaunting her toned, voluptuous figure in revealing outfits. She exudes a sexy confidence in her own skin no matter what she’s wearing – or not wearing!

Chrisean Rock Parents and Siblings

  • Mother: Not much public information available
  • Father: Also very private, Chrisean has not disclosed details
  • Siblings: Reportedly has younger brothers and sisters from her parents

Chrisean plays things close to the vest when it comes to her family background and personal life away from the cameras. She has chosen to keep that aspect of her life confidential for now.

While not much is known about her parents and siblings, Chrisean remains very loyal to her loved ones. She occasionally shares throwback photos and memories growing up, reflecting on the struggles she faced.

Family means everything to the star, though she prefers keeping them out of the spotlight. She credits her relatives for keeping her grounded amidst the chaos of rising fame.

Chrisean Rock Education

  • High School: Bullard High School in Fresno, CA
  • Graduation: Class of 2018
  • Further Education: Unclear if she has pursued college or other training

After completing high school in 2018, it seems Chrisean opted to forego college and focus entirely on jumpstarting her entertainment career. She has proven driven and determined enough to succeed with her natural smarts and talents, without requiring formal higher education.

However, Chrisean is clearly an intelligent and strategic thinker. She has navigated the complex world of reality television better than most, using it to build her personal brand rapidly. So while she may not have a college degree, her street smarts and creative instincts will continue taking her far.

Chrisean Rock Career

Reality Television

Chrisean Rock’s reality TV takeover is just getting started. Each appearance showcases new sides of her personality while allowing her fanbase and fame to multiply.

  • Baddies West Season 2 – Her breakout role that introduced her to the world as a fiery, unpredictable new star. Quickly became a standout of the show.
  • Marriage Boot Camp – Showed her vulnerable side as she and then-boyfriend Blueface let cameras into their contentious relationship. Provided non-stop drama.
  • Baddies South – Currently appearing in this Zeus Network spin-off series, where fans enjoy watching her bold personality contrast against other cast members.
  • Rumored to be joining Love & Hip Hop – As a top reality prospect, rumors suggest she could be joining this iconic VH1 franchise next.

Chrisean has leveraged her reality TV stardom incredibly well. Each appearance leads to more followers and opportunities. She has become addictive viewing with her heated spats, hysterical one-liners and surprising emotional moments.

While some may brush off reality television as low-brow entertainment, Chrisean has weaponized it to build her brand and connect with fans. She clearly understands the power of going viral and generating buzz today.

Music Career

Beyond TV, Chrisean Rock is making serious moves to launch her rap career by harnessing her talents as both a singer and songwriter.

  • Songs Released: “Easy,” “Rock Bottom,” “Beat the Shell”
  • Style: Rap, hip-hop, fiery lyrics
  • Reception: Growing fanbase, praised for vocal skills and authentic lyrics

So far Chrisean has unveiled a taste of what she can do – skilled flows, captivating songwriting and the kind of bold, unfiltered lyrics that reflect her real life.

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Chrisean Rock Net Worth

Chrisean Rock Net Worth
Chrisean Rock Net Worth
  • Estimated Net Worth: $500,000 – $1 million
  • Income Sources:
    • Reality TV salary and bonuses
    • Music – streaming royalties, album/merch sales
    • Brand endorsements/sponsorships on Instagram
    • Investing and business ventures outside entertainment

Considering her young age and relatively new fame, Chrisean has already amassed an impressive net worth in the high six figures to low seven figures range.

As one of the most buzzed-about reality stars in recent memory, her earning potential is massive. She has arguably become the “it girl” that brands want to sponsor right now due to her viral popularity and social media clout.

Between what she earns per episode and season of various shows, plus leveraging her huge follower count for endorsements, Chrisean is well on her way to building long-term wealth.

And that’s without even factoring in the money she can earn from releasing music, merch sales and touring revenue. Not to mention any wise investments and businesses she launches outside of entertainment.

Simply put, Chrisean understands her personal brand’s value and is capitalizing on it. For a 22-year-old new to the industry, she has shown savvy and vision when it comes to making money.

Chrisean Rock Boyfriend or Relationship Status

Chrisean Rock’s rollercoaster relationship with rapper Blueface has dominated pop culture headlines. The highs and lows of their courtship have played out dramatically across social media.

  • Past relationship: Hot-and-cold romance with hip-hop artist Blueface
  • Current status: Complicated – still connected but not officially together
  • Ongoing drama: Social media confrontations, accusations, passionate reunions

These two clearly share an intense chemistry and connection. But they struggle to maintain stability from all accounts.

One day they profess eternal love and getting matching tattoos. The next, they are hurling vicious insults online after a nasty fight. They have broken up and reconciled more times than fans can keep track of.

Chrisean Rock’s Son

  • Son’s name: Armor
  • Age: 4 years old
  • Relationship status: Devoted, loving mother

While her career and love life are fraught with turmoil, Chrisean Rock’s grounding force is her beloved son, Armor. She had him at a young age, which forced her to mature quickly.

Motherhood completely changed Chrisean’s perspective and priorities. She is fiercely protective of her son and providing the best life possible for him.

Chrisean credits Armor for inspiring her drive – she wants to make him proud through her accomplishments. Photos of little Armor lighting up around his mom show she is a doting, caring parent to him.

She keeps him sheltered from her more chaotic romantic drama and limelight. His innocence and joy motivates her to be a positive role model despite mistakes made.

For all her flashiness and confrontational side displayed on TV, Chrisean’s tenderness as a mother humanizes and grounds her. Armor gives her purpose amidst the chaos of rising fame.

Chrisean Rock Television Shows

Chrisean’s meteoric reality TV takeover shows no signs of slowing down. Each appearance on the following programs expands her fame and notoriety:

  • Baddies West Season 2 – Her breakout role
  • Marriage Boot Camp – High drama with Blueface
  • Baddies South – Currently starring and sparking new conflict
  • Potentially joining Love & Hip Hop soon – Rumored to be a cast member

At this rate, having an entire show based around Chrisean seems inevitable. She attracts views and chatter like few others in the genre.

No matter what show she joins next, fans can expect: show-stopping outfits, shouts aplenty, wine throwing, relationship woes and plenty of punchy Chrisean quotes to meme.

There are also rumors of her launching her own solo reality show. Given her energy and openness about her life, Chrisean Rock would make perfect headline star material.

Between her music career, upcoming TV projects and motherhood, cameras will undoubtedly continue following Chrisean. She knows how to keep viewers engaged – whether being their best life or a hot mess.

Chrisean Rock’s Songs

As an emerging rapper, Chrisean Rock is just getting warmed up in the music game. But already her releases have shown impressive talents as a vocalist, songwriter and early stage artist.

  • Easy” – Her breakthrough debut single and music video showcasing her signature flow.
  • Rock Bottom” – Emotional song touching on mental health struggles and darkest moments.
  • Beat the Shell” – Fiery freestyle track with her rapping over a Blueface song.

So far fans have only gotten a small sample of her material. But her raw charisma and fearless lyrics have connected with an audience seeking authenticity.

Soon she plans to unveil more music – likely starting with a run of singles in 2023 leading up to an EP or full album.

Chrisean Rock On Social Media

A huge part of Chrisean Rock’s fame comes from her massive social media presence. She embraces giving fans intimate, real looks into her world across platforms:


  • Handle: @chriseanrock
  • 1.5 million followers and rising
  • Entertaining mix of promotional photos, behind-the-scenes clips, motivational quotes and family photos

Chrisean’s Instagram provides raw, authentic windows into her world. She shares glam shots and videos in revealing outfits, funny memes, inspirational messages, throwbacks, and tender family moments.

This profile shows all sides of who Chrisean is, from chaos queen to proud mom. Her followers feel connected through the platform.


  • Channel: Chrisean Rock
  • 200k subscribers, 5+ million overall views
  • Popular videos are music videos, TV clips, interviews

Beyond Instagram, Chrisean’s YouTube channel provides exclusive content for her most dedicated fans. Full music videos, clips from TV shows, interviews and more.

It’s the top destination for following her music career and catching moments not seen elsewhere. Subscribers continue fueling her growing following.


  • Handle: @ChriseanRock
  • Typical tweets include promoting new projects, fiery takes on drama, and funny meme reactions

While Instagram and YouTube are her main hubs, Chrisean also leverages Twitter. She weighs in with opinions about pop culture, music and news of the day.

Following her tweets provides a direct link to her uncensored thoughts. Fans appreciate her candidness and sense of humor.

10 Fun Facts About Chrisean Rock

  • Has multiple large tattoos dedicated to Blueface
  • Legally changed her last name to “Blueface” during their relationship
  • Outgoing, outspoken personality
  • Passionate about music since childhood
  • Trained in Jiu Jitsu martial arts
  • Has up to five dogs at a time whom she adores
  • Loves giving advice and inspiration to her female fans
  • Considered majoring in fashion design before pursuing fame
  • Admits she loves reading before bed to unwind from chaos
  • Favorite food is shrimp alfredo pasta


At just 22 years old, Chrisean Rock has already made a massive impact through her viral reality show moments and rising music career. Her authentic personality and determination to speak her unfiltered mind has connected with fans. Chrisean’s messy romantic drama, spotlight on motherhood, and plans to release more bold hip-hop tracks ensure she will continue making headlines. 

This multi-talented star has turned chaos into stardom and isn’t finished shocking the world. While her journey has only just started, Chrisean Rock has proven she possesses that rare “it factor” to become a pop culture fixture. Expect great things.

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