New Mexico Window Tint Laws

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New Mexico tint laws were enacted in 1997 and have been pivotal in setting the standards for car window tinting in the state.

These laws provide the necessary information about car window tint, including the darkness and reflective tint allowed.

Regulations Regarding Window Tint in New Mexico

It’s essential to know the specifics.

In New Mexico, the percent of visible light allowed through your car windows is termed VLT: Visible Light Transmission.

The percentage of light allowed through your film and glass in New Mexico is different for sedan cars, SUV cars, and vans.

Vehicle TypeWindowVisible Light TransmissionReflection
SedansWindshieldNon-reflective tint above the manufacturer’s AS-1 lineNo reflection permitted
Front Side WindowsMust allow 20% light
Back Side WindowsMust allow 20% light
Rear WindowMust allow 20% light
SUVs and VansWindshieldNon-reflective tint above the manufacturer’s AS-1 lineNo reflection permitted
Front Side WindowsMust allow 20% light
Back Side WindowsAny darkness can be used
Rear WindowAny darkness can be used


As per New Mexico law, non-reflective tint is permitted above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. The top 5 inches can be tinted, helping you evade sun glare while keeping your view clear.

Front Side Windows

Tint laws in New Mexico require the front side windows of all vehicles to allow 20% light.

This keeps the driver’s visibility high while still providing some protection from the sun.

Back Side Windows

For sedans, the back side windows must allow 20% of light, like the front windows.

However, for SUVs and vans, there’s a bit more leeway.

You can use any level of darkness, offering more privacy for passengers and valuables.

Rear Window

Similarly to the backside windows, the rear window for sedans must allow 20% light in.

For SUVs and vans, any level of darkness can be used.

New Mexico Tint Laws For PASSENGER VEHICLE

Additional Regulations

Besides the above laws, New Mexico has a few more regulations you should be aware of when considering tinting your windows.


In New Mexico, your window tint can reflect incoming light to reduce glare and heat.

Tint reflection for both sedans and SUVs or vans should be kept in mind.

Front and backside windows must not have a mirror-like or metallic appearance, keeping road safety at the forefront.

Medical Exemptions

New Mexico allows for medical exemptions to its window tint laws.

If you have a specific medical condition that requires more sun protection, you might qualify for an exception. Always check with the appropriate authorities to confirm.

Color Restrictions

New Mexico tint law restricts certain colors.

Specifically, red, amber, and yellow colors are not permitted in any window tint.

Side Mirrors

If you opt for back window tinting, dual side mirrors are required for safety.

This regulation is a crucial one to consider when deciding on your window tinting strategy.

Exceptions to Legal Limits

To ensure your tinted windows meet New Mexico’s tint laws, manufacturers of film need to certify the film they sell in the state.

Additionally, a sticker to identify legal tinting is required on the film & glass of every tinted window.

Always ask your dealer if they are using certified film.

Penalties for Breaking the Law

Knowing the penalties associated with non-compliance of tint laws in New Mexico is as important as knowing the laws themselves.

It’s always best to stay informed and avoid any unwanted surprises.


Non-compliance with New Mexico tint laws can lead to a petty misdemeanor and a $75 fine. Penalties may be steeper for subsequent violations.

First Conviction: Expect a fine of up to $100.

Second Conviction: This could lead to a fine of up to $200.

Third Conviction: Repeat offenders may face a fine of up to $500.

Other Penalties

Besides the monetary fines, you may also be asked to remove the non-compliant tint. Persistent failure to comply may lead to your vehicle registration being revoked.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

If you don’t adhere to New Mexico tint laws, remember that these laws and regulations may be interpreted differently in different counties or places of residence.

So, it’s always recommended to double-check this information with your local DMV or law enforcement authorities.

In conclusion, knowing and understanding New Mexico tint laws can save you from unnecessary penalties.

Compliance with these laws ensures your safety on the road and that of other road users.

So, before you tint your vehicle windows in New Mexico, make sure you’re well-versed with these laws.

What colors of tint are legal in New Mexico?

In New Mexico, red, amber, and yellow tints are not permitted.

What is the legal tint in Mexico?

In Mexico, tint laws vary by state; check locally.

Is 15% tint all-around legal?

The legality of 15% tint depends on local laws.

Is 20% tint legal in New Mexico?

Yes, 20% tint is legal on certain windows in New Mexico.

Is 3% tint legal in New Mexico?

No, 3% tint is not legal in New Mexico.