Mississippi Window Tint Laws

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Mississippi tint laws have been a topic of consideration since their inception in 1988.

They play a vital role in road safety, car aesthetics, and personal comfort, and are an essential part of any car owner’s or prospective buyer’s checklist.

Regulations Regarding Window Tint in Mississippi

Mississippi has precise regulations regarding car window tints.

The window tint’s darkness, known as Visible Light Transmission (VLT), determines the percentage of light allowed through the window.

For example, a higher VLT percentage means a lighter tint, while a lower percentage means a darker tint.

Car SectionSedanSUV and Vans
WindshieldNon-reflective tint above AS-1 lineNon-reflective tint above AS-1 line
Front Side WindowsMust allow more than 28% of light inMust allow more than 28% of light in
Back Side WindowsMust allow more than 28% of light inNo restriction
Rear WindowMust allow more than 28% of light inNo restriction
Window Tint ReflectionUp to 20% reflectiveUp to 20% reflective
Medical ExemptionsAllowedAllowed
Color RestrictionsNo restrictionsNo restrictions
Side MirrorsNo restrictionsNo restrictions


In Mississippi, the windshield is subject to certain restrictions.

The law permits a non-reflective tint along the manufacturer’s AS-1 line, ensuring clear visibility while providing some protection from glare and heat.

Front Side Windows

The front side windows, according to Mississippi tint laws, must allow more than 28% light inside the vehicle.

This rule balances providing enough light for safe driving and reducing glare for comfort.

Back Side Windows

The back side windows, interestingly, have different regulations depending on the type of vehicle.

For sedans, the law stipulates the same 28% light allowance as the front side windows.

However, for SUVs and vans, there’s more flexibility, with no specified limit on the darkness of the tint.

Rear Window

Similar to back-side windows, the rear window in sedans should allow more than 28% light.

For SUVs and vans, Mississippi tint laws permit any level of darkness, allowing customization for privacy and aesthetics.

Mississippi Tint Laws For PASSENGER VEHICLE
Mississippi Tint Laws For MULTIPURPOSE VEHICLE

Additional Regulations

There are also other considerations beyond light transmission.

The regulations touch on factors like tint reflection, color restrictions, medical exemptions, and more.


Reflection in window tints, which helps reduce incoming light and heat, is capped at 20% for both front and back side windows, irrespective of the vehicle type.

This rule helps to prevent unnecessary distractions for other road users caused by overly reflective windows.

Medical Exemptions

Mississippi allows medical exemptions for special tints.

This provision is especially beneficial for individuals with medical conditions aggravated by sunlight, offering them an opportunity to enjoy comfortable and safe rides.

Color Restrictions

Mississippi tint laws do not restrict the use of any tint colors.

This freedom allows vehicle owners to choose tints that suit their personal style, although they are still encouraged to consider safety and visibility.

Side Mirrors

Interestingly, there are no restrictions on side mirrors.

The tint laws assume clear visibility through side mirrors, which is a crucial aspect of safe driving.

Exceptions to Legal Limits

Despite the comprehensive laws and regulations, there are certain exceptions.

Manufacturers of tint films need to certify their products before selling them in the state, with a sticker indicating a window light transmittance of 28% placed on the windshield.

Penalties for Breaking the Law

Violating Mississippi’s window tint laws has consequences, ranging from fines to possible jail time.


  • First Conviction: A fine up to $1000, a significant sum meant to deter potential lawbreakers.
  • Second Conviction: If caught a second time, the fine can escalate, acting as a sterner warning.
  • Third Conviction: A third conviction can lead to the maximum penalty.

Other Penalties

Penalties for non-compliance with Mississippi tint laws can also include imprisonment in the county jail for up to three months.

These severe consequences underscore the seriousness with which Mississippi takes its window tint laws.

The information about the tint laws in Mississippi was last updated in 2023.

Therefore, we recommend double-checking this information with local DMV or law enforcement authorities.

Always remember, the safe drive is the best drive!